Non-member Announcement

We’ve reviewed our policy on visitors using our Club Ice. We have removed the lifetime limit of number of visits and changed this to an annual limit. While Club membership continues to represent much better value for money and gives access to Club Events, galas etc, we recognise skaters look for occasional extra ice and would like to support skaters in general. Please note you must have achieved SKATE UK Level 8 to attend.

We now have 2 options for visitors as follows. Only 1 option can be used in a Club year. the Club year runs 1 Sept-31 Aug each year.

– pay as you go, a maximum of 6 sessions. Fees until end August 2020 are Thursday £7.50 and Friday £7.50 and Saturday £10 and Sunday £10


– a pre-paid block booking of any 10 sessions at a cost of £100 per block. A maximum of 2 blocks per Club year. These are at the discretion of the Committee and subject to availability. This is not available to anyone who has used the Pay as you go facility in the Club Year.

We may withdraw this facility at any time if numbers of club members increases to a point we cannot accommodate visitors. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any individual without reason.

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