August 2016 – Dundee Opens

Congratulations to these club members who achieved the following results in the Dundee Opens 2016

Beginner Ladies C

  • 9th Morag Stewart

Beginner Ladies D

  • 8th Maddison Haggart

Beginner Ladies E

  • 7th Ella Willmott

Beginner Ladies F

  • 5th Emily Scales
  • 10th Mhairi O Holloran

Level 1 Ladies B

  • 8th Paige Wilkie
  • 11th Mackenzie Thomson

Level 2 Ladies

  • 8th Jenni Potter
  • 19th Joanne Turnbull

Level 3 Ladies

  • 7th Imogen Gibbons
  • 14th Sophie Waddell

Level 4 Ladies

  • 11th Maria Kujawa
  • 12th Brodie Sneddon

Level 5 Men

  • 2nd Peter Shields

Level 6 Ladies

  • 3rd Jenni Kerr

Level 7 Ladies

  • 3rd Megan Carroll

Level 7 Men

  • 1st Andrew Fleming

Advanced Novice Ladies Short Programme

  • 11th Kendall Cairns

Advanced Novice Ladies Free Programme

  • 12th Kendall Cairns

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