2015 Magnum Competition Results

SNFSC was well represented at the 2015 Magnum Opens, organised by the Magnum Ice Dance and Figure Skating Club and held at Auchenharvie Ice Rink in March.

Ladies' Beginners Age 93Brodie Sneddon
Ladies' Beginners Age 1012Demi Bonner
Ladies' Beginners Age 11/1215Sian Williams
Ladies' Beginners Age 13 and above5Jenni Potter
16Melissa Goldie
Ladies' Level 24Jodie Brown
16Imogen Gibbons
20Sharda Smith
Ladies' Level 36Maria Kujawa
18Charity Anne Ashby
Men's Level 41Andrew Fleming
Ladies' Level 52Megan Carroll
20Kendall Cairns
Ladies' Level 78Elizabeth Wildman


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